“ALOVA“ Bone Conduction Technology

Welcome to the "ALOVA", please allow me to introduce myself, “ALOVA” from China, world-renowned in China? Yes, made in China. Perhaps many years ago you will worry that we are from China and doubt our technical capabilities. China's manufacturing to date has spread to any field. In China, advanced technology and technology often give you unexpected surprises.

For example, we are doing a very meaningful thing, bone conduction. Yes, we are an innovative technology company specializing in the manufacture of bone conduction products.

Our company focuses on building a great bone conduction technology brand "ALOVA", which was born for bone conduction headphones. "ALOVA" is designed to liberate the ears and fight for hearing health. "ALOVA" is a new way of hearing.

Since 2014, we have been working hard to design, develop, produce, and bone conduction products. So far, we have successfully completed bone conduction headphones, bone conduction glasses, bone conduction masks, bone conduction hearing aids and other products.

I am very honored to meet you and look forward to our cooperation. If you are interested in bone conduction, we support OEM, ODM and OBM production and management models.