6 Reasons To Choose Bone Conduction

  1. "Using a different way than the traditional way of transmitting bones, a leaping revolution in the way the speaker is transmitted is realized.
  2. "The difference with the existing hearing aid earphones is that the bone conduction earphones do not use air as the propagation medium, but use the bone vibration of the human head as the propagation medium of the sound source body to realize the transmission of sound. Therefore, in use When you don't need to put your headphones into your ears, you can hear a clear sound by sticking it to your face.
  3. "Clear bone vibration, avoiding the fatigue caused by long-term use of traditional headphones. One of the biggest advantages of non-magnetic bone conduction technology is that it is not affected by the surrounding environment, and the sound is transmitted to the user. Excluding the biggest weakness of traditional hearing aids, all the sound sources around the user are brought into the user's ear through traditional headphones.
  4. "The use of bone conduction headphones can save you from the existing hearing aid environment and reduce the mental fatigue caused by life noise.
  5. "Most of the hearing loss is caused by eardrum damage. Because the bone conduction does not use the eardrum, people with hearing difficulties will be able to hear it again clearly through bone conduction, as long as their cochlea is healthy and normal.
  6. "Without your ears, listen to your voice, open your ears, and listen to the world."